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Composite Astrology Report

Composite Astrology Report

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Planet or Celestial Body

Choose a planet or celestial body


The composite report will give you deeper insight on how that planet or celestial body's energies affect your compatibility in relationships as well as give you a deeper look at your inner nature.


Use the information to help determine compatability in friendships, partnerships, & love relationships or simply get to know yourself in a more meaningful way.


*Each report is created & interpreted by Faery Godmuva based on your birth date & time and not a computer generated report. If you do not know your exact birth time, your personal planets can be determined providing there was no transit the day of your birth.

To receive the report, select the report and make your payment, then send your exact birth time, place, and date to

Please allow three business days for report to be interpreted and written and sent. You will receive a confirmation email that your info was received. This is not a phone session, it is a written report only. If you would like time to go over the report one to one, please note that in the email and you will receive confirmation info with an additional fee for the one to one session. 

****PLEASE use an email address that you check often and expect to answer correspondence for this service!!!!


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