Bulk Orders for Alchemy Oils

Email 3llovelightlucid@gmail.com to discuss any ideas for bulk pricing.


Ordering bulk is great if you want to give gifts to your friend groups (Galentine's Day, Wedding Favors, Holiday Gifts). If you are a practitioner, order the scents in bulk to offer in your membership boxes and in client gift bags for your vending opportunities. 

Order in quantities of 13 or 26. 10 ml roller ball bottles. 

Order premade scent profiles.

Customized scent profiles are additional price. If you create customized scent profiles, you have the option to gain exclusive rights to the scent profile by paying a nominal fee/ year. Otherwise, scent profiles created will be offered as a premade scent profile on the Shop Love Luxe website. 

Scent profile are typically a two scent blend. If you would like additional scents added to the blend, there will be additional fees incurred.