What To Expect In A Reading With Faery Godmuva

What To Expect In A Reading With Faery Godmuva

Readings are so very personal. 

When people come to me, they are seeking guidance, peace, and clarity among other things. 

Every person that offers readings offers something different and styles vary. 

I am a Psychic Medium. Let me start by saying none of what I see is within my control. I am a conduit, as I receive messages and information from God, angels, and your spiritual team and those are translated to you, much in the same way that a foreign language translator works.



I use Angel cards, Oracle cards, or Raider- Waite Tarot cards simply because I like giving you something tangible to take with you to meditate on after your reading or something that gives you a reminder of what we chatted about. I am able to read your energy and listen clearly to the messages that I am being given for you without the cards. That is how I work with dream interpretations. Cards are not necessary in readings if it something of concern for you.

My gift comes in several forms. 

Clairvoyance– clear sight (able to see messages and guidance)

Clairaudience– clear hearing (able to hear messages and guidance)

Claircognizant– clear knowing (able to know firmly due to reading energy)

Channeling- letting spirit guide the session and use me as a conduit

Scribing- writing and recording divine wisdom and translating for you

As a Psychic Medium, I work beyond the veil and help you reach higher wisdom to guide you.

Since I do a lot of my readings virtually- a huge convenience for my clients, I ask you to come with a pen and paper to jot down notes and to be in a space that is as quiet and calm as possible so that you can be open to receive. We can also record the session if you would like.

***Do not come to the reading accompanied by anyone else. This is your own personal time and you have no clue what will be revealed in the reading. A lot of personal information is transmitted and this isn’t the time to have your business in the streets!



I do not ask you questions in the beginning.


Here’s why.

As humans, we think small. God and the Universe have something way bigger planned for us, yet we only see what we want to see. We see what suits us and what we are comfortable with. So when we come to the reading prepared to only focus on one space in our lives, we miss the bigger picture and possibly miss learning about a space of abundance and success that is planned on our journey.

I rarely have a reading where the topic you want to discuss is not addressed by the reading. The only reason why people may feel it’s not addressed is because they think linear and only listen for keywords. Readings are based on concepts larger than us and our thinking and so they apply to all aspects of your life.
I will ask you questions like “Does that make sense?” or “Where does this apply?” If somehow there is a person coming through for you, a loved one, I may ask you who that person is.

I do not mix Medium readings searching for loved ones or connecting with those who have passed with basic Psychic readings.

Here’s why.
Mediumship requires more preparation and protection for myself and is something that I do not take lightly. I need a different kind of focus and it requires another level of my energy. So, if you book a Psychic Reading and you are expecting to hear from a loved one, if they are peeking through, I will let you know that. If they are not, I’m not looking for them or open to receiving them. You need to book a separate service, respectfully so that I can prepare myself (and yes, it is a completely different price!).

Chances are, I am not going to tell you an affirmative “Yes” or “No”.

Here’s why.
Life is not always black and white and the messages I receive from divine wisdom are often allegorical and need translating. Now, there are times when I receive and emphatic “No” for you and that will be translated for you. So no, I’m not going to cosign your decisions or tell you a specific way or time to move. Most likely your reading will reflect some inner shadow work you need to do to safely come to the right decision for yourself. My job is not to mess with your karma or intercept your lessons.


Your reading is confidential. I don’t tell other people who comes to me for your readings. I respect your privacy and the fact that you trust me with your personal experiences. I appreciate referrals and reviews that are posted, but the only way that someone will find out that you have had a reading with me is if you tell them.

I also do not do readings to tell you what you want to hear. I see them as a tool of self growth and empowerment. We will talk through the message that comes up, but it's up to you to make the moves you need to make. I don't refund you because you don't like the message you received or because you don't understand it or see the outcome of the message immediately. Or because you already knew the answer and came to me expecting something different. 

Readings bring you a sense of peace and clarity. They aren’t the final say on anything by any means. It’s usually a step along the way to uncover some things that need work and to help you increase your focus and overall confidence. It is also not a replacement for any mental health therapy (although it works well together) or medical attention that may be necessary.

If you have any other questions, feel free to book a consultation via email 3llovelightlucid.com@gmail.com.


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