What Is A Natal Chart?

What Is A Natal Chart?


In short, it is a detailed report of your entire being and your soul’s purpose.

Sound complicated?

Trust me, it’s not. 
Your natal chart maps the alignments of the planets and deities (Sun, Moon) at the time of your birth. In order to be exact, the place of birth, date of birth, and the specific time of birth are needed to do the natal charting. 
The time of birth down to the minute dictates so much. 
We will break that down in a second. 

In astrology, the Sun, the Moon, the planets, and some smaller asteroids all have assigned characteristics which dictate a lot of the Universe’s energy. Certain alignments dictate certain moods and behaviors. 

We have forgotten this fact because society has gotten away from being more in sync with the Universe. It’s the reason why being in the sunshine feels intoxicating and the reason why the full moon can affect your moods. Our DNA, our very essence is linked to the Universe. But society has not wanted us so in sync. If we were more in sync, we would be more attuned with our bodies and take less medications and manage sickness and disease more effectively. 

We would also experience a heighten sense of being more interconnected to our natural resources which would reflect in our diets and immediate environments. 

Natal charts take your birth information and break it down into alignments and what are called houses. The houses discuss everything from how you view and handle money and finances to love and relationships. Most people come to me wanting to understand their purpose and your natal chart clearly details that. It shows your innate strengths as well as your innate weaknesses. It also clearly defines any spiritual gifts you may have and clearly defines those with favor.

Although there are a ton of online generators that will generate your natal chart for free, it is advised that you have one done with an astrologer who can not only interpret your chart for you, but help you understand how to apply it to your life. 

As a Psychic, with my clients I am able to delve into all aspects of their lives in order to help you to do the work needed to improve upon and use your strengths. I also help you to create an action plan to find balance and complementary behaviors for your weaknesses (that won’t change). 

Time of birth is important. Unfortunately many people are not sure of their exact time of birth. Knowing is important because, for instance, it could be the difference between your Sun sign being Gemini or Cancer. As the Sun transits the last day in Gemini, depending on the time of day you were born, it is the difference between you being born an air sign (Gemini) or a water sign (Cancer). For example, if the Sun transits into Cancer at 6:15 pm EST on June 21 , then if you were born June 21 (depending on the year) at 4:15 pm you would a Gemini. Anytime after 6:15 pm you are a Cancer. That would equate to being two totally different people- air vs water.

Your natal chart is a life long tool. You will use it over and over, especially if you follow a versed astrologer. On my Facebook page, I post regularly about current planetary alignments. If you have your natal chart, you can see how your natal alignments are affected by the current alignments. It is telling about your moods and any impediments to making personal progress. 

My goal is to help people find balance and to sync themselves to the Universe’s energy. Doing so will help decrease feelings of confusion and assist you in tapping in to your natural intuition in order to feel confident in decision making.

Who doesn’t want to feel more confident in the decisions they make?

Having your chart done does that and so much more. I love being able to shine the light on enlightenment for people, to help them to be more open and to be more aligned on their personal journeys. 

Would you like to have your chart created and interpreted?



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