Creating Your Altar

Creating Your Altar


I get a lot of questions about creating an altar. That is not really a question that I can answer for people individually. Creating an altar is a very personal experience and one that should be intuitively led. 

Your altar is a reflection of your spiritual needs and beliefs. Having an altar in the home can be a great way to find peace and balance on a daily basis.

When I was younger, I remember my grandmother had a Prayer Closet. It was a space in her walk in closet where she could step away from everyone else, pray, and collect herself. If she needed to reconnect with God in the moment, she went to the Prayer Closet to do so. It was nothing extravagant. Just a small space on her shelf that had a prayer cloth and a cross. 

Altars are extensions of you and your beliefs. What goes on your altar depends on those beliefs. It can be a cross, angels, candles, bowls, crystals, jewels, rosaries, beads, and incense are just a few things that may be there. All of the things that have personal symbolism for you. Everything on the altar should have a specific purpose & energy. You can also have more than one altar space in the home if you would like. They don't have to be extravagant. One altar space in my home is a simple Buddha and an incense burner for incense. Occasionally, I burn a tea light candle near it. I lean towards white candles or saint candles and I always have some sort of incense burning as well. 

The key to knowing what goes on your altar is being attuned intuitively. Your altar changes. You may have a white cloth cover or another cover that has a personal meaning. 

You can decorate near it to give you a sanctuary and a feeling of peace. Pictures with spiritual meaning (not family or friends who are alive), pillows for kneeling or sitting and meditation, and spiritual texts that you may read.

I also keep my journal near mine to write down what comes to me while at the altar.

It's best if it is placed in a low traffic area of the home. Keep in mind, we can even wear our altar by wearing jewelry or clothing that reflects our beliefs so that our altar is always with us. Also, it is not the kind of space that you should share on social media for attention or conversation. The energy there should be protected. 

Now that you have some idea of some of the basic things that can be on your altar, feel free to create your space! Shop the site and get all you need to start your altar.

Altar Tapestry


Tea Lights

Incense and Holders



**Yes, this is me near my altar. This set up was purposeful a few years ago for the sake of showing a visual example.

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