Hotter Than July!

Hotter Than July!


July 2020

We have to understand that we are in the midst of spiritual and physical warfare. That doesn't end quickly.

People are on edge, angry, feeling disrespected, and ready to pop off immediately due to civil unrest.

We still have quarantine life, whether we want to admit it or not and at this point, people are dealing with depression and anxiety symptoms due to isolation & cabin fever.

Here is the thing:

Everything will get better. There is something so absolutely beautiful on the other side of this. The only way out is through. We have to push through. But...

Eclipse Season

Eclipse Season

For the Full Moon on 6/5/ if you understand your natal chart, find where Jupiter transits your houses as well as what transits/ planets are in Sagittarius and what your Jupiter sign is.


These are places of focus for you on this Full Moon.

Full Moons signal the end of a cycle. It is time to release and move forward. With the Lunar Eclipse, this is a time to do some shadow work on the above transits mentioned.

Remove blockages
Tap into your Intuition
Checks and balance to measure progress on intentions set with the last...

Welcome to June!

Welcome to June!

There is so much transformation happening in June! Be ready for eclipse season by buying the June Eclipse box.

Check out our stock of crystals and alchemy oils to anoint your space and yourself with balance and protection.

Are you ready for June?