New Moon/ Full Moon July 2020. Take Care Of Home.


7/5 Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn 12:44am (Saturn ruled Cardinal Earth energy)

Release, Truth Unveiled. Purge and open the flow of Intuitive energy. Completion of cycles.

Structure your emotions. This is not a time to be reactive. Tap into your emotions with purpose. Acknowledge and identify how you are feeling. We have to move forward with a structured agenda and clear vision.

Where are Capricorn & Saturn on your natal chart? These are areas where you should focus on identifying & releasing feelings that have lingered & obstructed your ability to move forward with purpose.


7/20 New Moon in Cancer 1:33pm (Cardinal Water energy ruled by The Moon)

Set intentions
New Ideas & Beginnings

This New Moon wants us to be aware of our emotional intelligence. It's hard because with all that is happening, you may be feeling many different things at once.

New Moon in Cancer speaks to self care, nurturing, and taking care of home. With the agenda created by the Full Moon, we need to be focused here on building the village. Emotional support, finding peace, centering, becoming more Intuitively connected.

Where is Cancer and where is The Moon on your natal chart?

These are areas to nurture & be attuned of building soul level connections. Surface and superficial connections don't serve the greater good.

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