Hotter Than July!


July 2020

We have to understand that we are in the midst of spiritual and physical warfare. That doesn't end quickly.

People are on edge, angry, feeling disrespected, and ready to pop off immediately due to civil unrest.

We still have quarantine life, whether we want to admit it or not and at this point, people are dealing with depression and anxiety symptoms due to isolation & cabin fever.

Here is the thing:

Everything will get better. There is something so absolutely beautiful on the other side of this. The only way out is through. We have to push through. But with common sense, discernment, Intuituve guidance, and focus.

If any of the above is missing, we will continue to cycle through the current state. Unnecessarily.

This shift isn't about avoiding uncomfortable things, it's about creating a new lifestyle that will endure in a way that is good for us now and our descendants in the future. We have the duty to clear the path for them.

Play chess not checkers.

🧚🏽‍♀ Faery Godmuva

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