Full Moon/ New Moon September 2020- Your Own Divinity


This month we experience the power of the Pisces/ Virgo synergy. September Full Moon in Pisces and New Moon in Virgo ushers in our need for Divine connection to move forward.


Full Moon in Pisces 9/2/20 1:22am


Mutable Water ruled by Neptune


A Full Moon amplifies. Heightened energy. Neptune taps into our spiritual enlightenment. With the Sun in Virgo, we can use our natural discernment to power through illusions. Neptune can also have you attached to illusion and the magic of our dreams, which can cloud reality.


This Full Moon is a portal, an opening that will do a few things. It will shine the light on all of those who operate under the illusion of being light & healers. It will also shine the light on all that is not truth or reality. Be prepared for an influx of galactic messages to guide us cosmically through enlightenment and personal development. 


We will experience increased lucid dreaming and psychic downloads. The veil lifts, actually thins out even more. Universal Truth will be even easier to see and it will soom get to the point at which we can no longer deny it.


Where is Neptune and Pisces in your natal chart? These are spaces where you need to intuitively tune in, use discernment, and either seek Truth or tell yourself the Truth. 


New Moon in Virgo 9/17/20 7am


Mutable Earth ruled by Mercury


This moon wants us to further tap our divinity. We are cleansed by the truth. Grounded in faith and Divine Feminine energy. 


We should look at setting intentions that help us live with clarity. Goals that encourage elevation.


Elevation isn't something we spend too much time over thinking. It is an intuitive connection that syncs us with Divine Wisdom.


Where does Mercury and Virgo fall on your natal chart? Those are areas where you should focus on elevation and incorporating divine feminine principles of intuitive wisdom, peace, and receptiveness. 


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